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  1. Automatic Oiler - 4 liter

    A Dahle Automatic Oiler is the perfect solution and effectively eliminates the guesswork of "Who", "How Much", and "How Often" your paper shredder will be oiled.

  2. CleanTEC Filter CleanTEC Filter

    CleanTEC Filter

     Replace your CleanTEC air filter every couple of months for improve air quaility in your office work environment! Simply remove your old filter and replace with a fresh one!

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price $79.99

  3. DX-CD2 Cutting Blade Destroy CD, DVD & BluRay Discs to NSA Approved Standards

    DX-CD2 Cutting Blade

    Is your NSA Approved CD & DVD Shredder slacking? Replace your cutting blads for optimum performance and extend the life of your data destroyer today!

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $75.95

  4. DX-CD2 Dust Bags

     Regular dust bag changes extend the life and ROI of your CD, DVD & BluRay disc shredder / destroyer from D3! Convenitenlty packed with three (3) to a box with the following features:

    • Designed to hold the information bearing layer (dust) of a minimum of 500 CD's, DVD's or BluRay discs
    • Dust bag can be discarded in a normal trash container
    • Dust bag for designed for the DX-CD2


  5. Performance Kit | Paper Shredding Oil, Oiler & Accessories

    - Ensures shredder receives proper oiling - Maintains shredder at peak performance - Increases shredder lifespan Includes: * (1) 4 liter Automatic Oiler - SAO 120 * (4) 1 gallon bottles of Shredder Oil * (100) Disposable Shred Bags * Installation and required components

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6 Item(s)