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Used Fireproof File Cabinets | Pros and Cons

No matter what type of paper shredder you buy to destroy documents, there is always a need to have previously stored the documents in a proper file cabinet. The storage of your vital business documents is a very important part of business continuity and operations. Without office documents such as customer records, customer history, financials and other critical information it is very important to safeguard these records for business use today and in the event of a disaster.

Used Fire Files

Office Furniture and File Cabinets

Most businesses today still require paper documents or hard copies of contracts, leases, litigation records and more. Because of the sensitive nature of these documents is of great importance to protect from both theft and fire. If your office were to experience a record loss from fire, would you be able to recover the documents? Would you be able to keep your business alive if a catastrophic document loss occurred? Most documents reside in standard metal file cabinets; however it is an important consideration to choose a fireproof file cabinet.

If you answered “no,” or don’t know if your file cabinets have a fire rating you should immediately re-evaluate your document storage policy and procedure. Standard metal file cabinet brands will not protect paper documents during a fire and all paper records will be lost.

USED Storage Cabinets vs. Factory Seconds or Scratch & Dent

Fireproof filing cabinets come in a variety of sizes, widths and UL fire ratings. Used cabinets are available at a discount prices and it’s easy to source the cheapest prices online. One option that appeals to many small business owners are Factory 2nd’s or “Scratch and Dent” file cabinets. These fire files are like new with the occasional scratch, paint chip or dent. They function just like a brand new fire file EXCEPT they are a fraction of the cost.

Much like buying surplus or used office furniture you benefit from a lower out of pocket expense and a great return on your investment. Remember there is a difference between a cabinet that has been used and abused and a Factory Second. The old adage “you get what you pay for” still holds true in this example – a used fireproof file cabinet may not have drawers that function correctly or locks that work properly. A Factory Second file cabinet has never been used, it simply cannot be sold as new due to the scratches, dents or paint chips.

UL Fire Rating

Vertical and Lateral File Cabinets

We carry a full line of used fireproof file cabinets and can assist you with a wide variety of office furniture needs.

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Class 6 Container + Paper Shredder
GSA Approved Containers & Safes with a paper shredder

Package Discounts on Paper Shredders + GSA Class 6 Containers

GSA Containers are used for the storage of classified and up to top secret documents and materials. Typically these containers are bundled with a high security paper shredder to meet the document destruction needs of sensitive and/or confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands.

At we specialize in the bundling and package discounts of your Class 6 GSA safes with paper shredders. Our staff has over 30 years experience with GSA Approved container specifications and requirements in the Federal, Armed Forces and Govt. contractor marketplace.

5 Tips to Buying a Class 6 Container & Paper Shredder

1) Determine if you need a Class 6 or Class 5 safe, file cabinet or storage locker. The security ratings differ for the CL5 and CL6 and depending on your storage requirements you may need one or the other.

2) How much are you shredding? There are a wide variety of paper shredders that can accommodate up to thousands of pieces of paper per day. Let us help you determine the best paper shredder for your volume needs.

3) Do you need an automatic oiler? If you plan to shred hundreds or thousands of sheets per day or week, an automatic oiler will extend the life of your paper shredder investment and provide you the best ROI.

4) Do you want a package discount?  With tightening budgets, we are all faced with maximizing our dollars – let us help you save the most money with the best prices online. We offer special package discounts when you buy a GSA Safe + Paper Shredder.

5) Look for special features / details.  High security shredders should come standard with special features such as automatic on/off switches, reverse feed buttons and chain driven cutting cylinders. Mitigating security risk is serious business and your paper shredder should be the best you can buy.

Lease a shredder

Flexible Spending | Low Overhead | Greater ROI, a Division of KL Security Enterprises, Inc. has partnered with one of the most reputable leasing companies in the country, Marlin Leasing, for your document shredding needs. With multiple leasing options you can offset the costs of entering the world of secure document destruction, without breaking the bank! Why pay upfront for a document shredder you could pay for over time?

  • Tax advantages to leasing
  • Provides smarter asset management
  • Easier to upgrade to newer models
  • Business run more efficiently by avoiding outdated shredding equipment

Our partnership with Marlin’s Office Equipment financing group provides expertise, flexible terms and several payment options to meet your unique needs. At we specialize in creating financing solutions for your paper shredder office equipment.

By offering our customers more payment options, flexible terms, and an easy way to upgrade avoiding obsolescence we help you reach your business goals and maintain optimum cash flow. Marlin Leasing provides excellent service, fast decision making and a simple process. With our extensive office equipment financing experience, we can help you understand the benefits of financing office equipment through leasing.

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How to destroy classified information

Classifications for document shredders are handled by the NSA. The official list of Approved shredders can be found on the NSA/CSS 02-01 Approved List. We at K.L. Security pride ourselves on carrying the best products available, which in this case is the Dahle line of shredders. With a shred size of 1mm x 4.7mm Dahle shredders provide the
security level you need when destroying all levels of Classified Information. As a trusted provider, our team will be sure to match your needs with the most suitable option available.

Call us today Toll Free at 866-867-0306 to speak with a US Government product specialist today! Or email Travis at for same day answers to your secure document destruction questions.