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CleanTEC Shredders & Dust Free Shredding Technology

Dahle shredders has recently engineered the new CleanTEC filtration technology and incorporated a shredded paper dust filtering system into their brand new

Dust filters in Dahle Paper Shredders improve health by reducing fine dust particles in the air.

line of paper shredders, ensuring that offices are safer to work in and improve the air quality.  The new CleanTEC and SafeTEC paper shredders improve safety and  the filtration system has been shown to reduce the fine dust produced from document shredding.

Dahle CleanTec Shredders at a glance…

Dust Filters are a great choice for shredding paper in the office

  • Better health protection: New filter system reduces fine dust for improved air quality in the office.
  • Better supervision: Shredded paper volume is always measured for an uninterrupted workflow and improved efficiency.
  • Better safety: Automatic switch-off function responds to calls for help, and in case of emergency will immediately stop the paper shredder motor.
  • Greater convenience: Regulating cutter lubrication is made easy with an automated integrated oil reservoir – improves the life cycle of the paper shredder and gives you GREATER ROI! 
  • Greater environmental concern: CDs/DVDs and credit cards are separated automatically into separate waste containers.

What is fine dust and how does it affect health?

Many people do not realize that there is microscopic dust all around us. It’s a natural part of our world, unseen to the eye. Further to this, each and every sheet of paper that goes through the paper shredder also produces particles of fine dust that are invisible to the eye, unfortunately these dust particles can pose a health risk over time. Typically these unseen dust particles are carried through the air and into the respiratory tract. For some people this  can cause and allergic reactions or other illnesses.  For ultra fine dust particles,  it is easy for them to find their way into the lungs, and while there the potential for being absorbed into the bloodstream futher increases the risk to health.

CleanTEC & SafeTec paper shredders are the best choice for offices concerened with employee health

The new CleanTEC document shredders come standard with Dahle’s innovative filtration system, providing the first solution to reduce fine dust from shredded paper and improving health in the office.

Intelligent Destruction & Shredding with Dahle SafeTEC3

We are excited to announce that our top team members will be headed to sunny Las Vegas in May to attend a conference with Dahle North America to learn about the new line of intelligent paper shredders and document destruction equipment. More details will be forthcoming after the conference.

A few details from the main site in Germany are as follows:

“The new document shredder generation featuring DAHLE Safe Technology provides unprecedented safety for you and your data. Equipped with acoustic switch-off function, automatic paper volume detector and visual oil service indicator, DAHLE Safe Technology stands for intelligent document shredder know-how. Benefit in three ways from enhanced safety, greater operating convenience and optimum performance.

With a light barrier for automatic start/stop and user-friendly electronics. Motor cuts out when waste bag is full and door is open. Cutters are made of special steel and shred paper clips and staples. Includes 10 waste bags no. 20704.

  • 5 years warranty against cutter-fracture.
  • 2 years function warranty if used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


Intelligent On/Off Switch

DAHLE Safe Technology Shredders

thanks to the acoustic automatic switch-off function.

thanks to the automatic paper volume detector.

thanks to the visual oil service indicator.
Credit Card Shredding to prevent identity theft

Prevents Identity Theft

is suitable for destroying credit cards and debit cards.

Crosscut Paper Shredders
Up to Security level 5
For internal documents, such as invoices, printouts, photocopies, credit applications as well as top-secret documents demanding a particularly high level of security.

Cutters in special steel for maximum life span and durability. Improving the ROI on your office equipment purchase.

Conveniently empty your paper shredder and shredded documents from the front

Mobile Shredding at the office is easy with the standard caster wheels.
Finance or Lease a Paper Shredder

Easy Financing from, we offer great rates to fit any budget.

Big budget; small budget. Short term; long term. Want to own it; want to return it. Your budget needs are as unique as your business and we offer financing that fits, no matter what.

With a simple one-page application and same-day credit decisions, financing or leasing with is an easy process that respects your time and budget.  Over the years we’ve done our best to lower our rates to make document shredding and destruction a simple, no hassle process.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with shredder financing:

  • New low rates!!
  • 1-Page Application – Complete the entire process in minutes – from application to documentation & approval
  • Live support – our expert staff is ready and waiting to help you with all your financing needs.
  • Credit lines – Find out just how much credit you have and what you can expect for rates.
  • Special offers – we have special purchasing programs for member associations, groups and small businesses

Our team can assist you with all of your growing business or start-up needs. The minimum financing typically requires a purchases of $1,000.00 or more. The lease options available for our complete line of paper shredders including crosscut shredders have rates that are typically better than loans, offer convenient and flexible terms and will help your business achieve greater cash flow and control.