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Dahle CleanTEC EvenFlow Lubricator | Regularly Sheduled Oiling Commence

The new line of Dahle CleanTEC paper and media shredders are the most advanced shredders ever manufactured.  The CleanTEC namesake is derived from the new air and dust filtration system which removes 98% of the fine dust that is created from paper, cd-rom or dvd material, reducing Indoor Air Pollution and improving air quality.  In addition to the dust filtering system the new CleanTEC document shredders are at the pinnacle of the shredding food chain.

Let’s take a look at the new EvenFlow Lubricator feature.  As with many of you, when we hear EvenFlow, we think of Pearl Jam.  A new Dahle CleanTEC shredder, just like Pearl Jam, is a well oiled machine.  Gone are the days where your shredder fails because everyone in your office expects that the next or last guy oiled the shredder.  With the transition to cross cut shredding machines, the need to keep your shredder oiled on a regular basis is an absolute must.  Failure to oil the machine regularly, with the proper amount of oil, and you will find yourself in a constant cycle of purchasing new shredders.

When do you oil your shredder?  How much oil?  And, who is in charge of oiling the shredder?

In the past, all of these questions had to be answered in order to keep your shredder running properly.

Now, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Open the front door of the shredder, and on the left hand side, slide out the oil reservoir
  2. Open the yellow oil cap
  3. Fill with a complete bottle of oil
  4. Call Toll Free 866-867-0306 to order more oil, waste bags, and the CleanTEC Air Filter
  5. Remember to keep a close eye on the oil indicator light, located next to the power button.  When the light comes on, repeat this process!

CD & DVD Shredder Destroyers meet NSA/CSS 04-02

Using a Digital Shredder for Optical Media Destruction

Destroy CD, DVD & BluRay Discs

Digital records need to be disposed of properly, but just how can you be sure that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands? CDs and DVDs are a cheap and convenient storage medium, but large fines or legal action will be involved if customer details, confidential files, or supplier records are not appropriately dealt with.

Today, CDs, BluRay and DVDs cannot just be broken up and thrown away, because forensic data specialists can recover files from even the smallest fragments. So, what you really need is a cd and dvd shredder. It is a fast, no-hassle way to dispose of confidential data that is stored on optical media. Here are two of our best-selling and most effective models.

The DX-CD2 is one of the newest and most reliable media destruction tools available today. It’s built-in cutter and high speed motor ensures that CD-ROMs and DVDs can be destroyed in 18 seconds or less, and it has an operational running cost of less than 1 cent per disc. The DX-CD2 is so effective that it is guaranteed to remove 100% of your digital data so that it is beyond forensic recovery by data specialists. This product meets the NSA/CSS 04-02 spec and is DoD approved.

It is simple to operate, quiet, and light enough to be able to be moved to all parts of an office environment. The DX-CD2 is compatible with all optical media, has replaceable cutters and dust bags, and comes with the NSA’s seal of approval for data destruction. For high security businesses and government agencies, there is no better way to dispose of your confidential CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

The DX-CDm is another great option for fast and secure media destruction. It is the world’s first fully manual disc destroyer that exceeds DoD standards for removing data from CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs. Its simple design means that it can be used by anyone and it is capable of erasing a disc in just 5 to 10 seconds.

The flexibility of the DX-CDm is hard to beat as it can easily be employed in the field or on a vehicle of your choice. It also maintains the inner hub of your disc to allow you to the ability to verify the media destruction with others.

So, why take the chance? These government DoD approved digital shredders are a sure-fire way to guarantee that sensitive or classified information is completely removed from a CD, BluRay or DVD. They will help you comply with regulatory bodies, and give you the peace of mind that ensures no one will be able to use your data against you again. Call us today.