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How to Shred Film, Plastic and Polyester Sheets
Polyester or Mylar Sheeting

4 Tips for Shredding Plastic sheets

We get asked by our customers about the various types of materials that can be shredded by every Dahle paper shredding machine and you’d be surprised at some of the things people want to shred! If you have a need for shredding film and plastic sheeting this can be accomplished, but it will require special use. Film can be shredded, but ONLY with the following precautions:

1.             Never shred film or plastic when the cutting head is hot.

2.             Shred paper periodically to help remove film particles that will get stuck to the cutting cylinders.

3.             Run your shredder in reverse mode to further remove film particles

4.             Keep the cutting head well lubricated with shredding oil.

If these guidelines are followed, you should have no problem shredding film or plastics!

Clean Cutting Cylinders