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Hamilton Safe | Document Storage Compliments Paper Shredders

We specialize in helping our clients achieve their document storage goals and sensitive and/or classified document destruction requirements.

GSA Safes

Hamilton Safe | GSA Approved

We are proud to offer the Hamilton Safe and Products Group GSA Containers to the Federal Government and  Contractors with the best quality security products and services. With a full line of GSA Approved and U.L. Listed security products we offer tremendous value to the supply chain for risk mitigation, physical security and document storage.

Hamilton Safe is located in Amelia, Ohio where they are the premier manufacturer of GSA Approved Security Containers, vault doors, IPS Containers and weapons cabinets or gun safes. The entire line of Hamilton Safe products are engineered for the storage of  classified

information, documents, weapons, narcotics, on-line computers, servers and crypto equipment as well as sensitive materials. With a full range of cash safes and money safes we provide high security storage of cash, currency, coins and other funds and valuables.

In addition to the Class 5 and Class 6 product line we compliment our offering with the full range of Hamilton Safe products for banks, financial institutions and manufacturing facilities where vaults, doors, bank air tube systems and financial equipments are required.

Combining a product offering of best in class safes with the Dahle paper shredder line allows us to offer a single point of contact for our clients

and reduce the time spent sourcing products. Package discounts on GSA Containers and paper shredders mean we respect budgetary concerns while maintaining the highest level of service and risk mitigation.